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Tyler, John & Linda
2153 Gun Club Road San Angelo, TX 76904 


Over the past several years, you have completed several projects for us. You have rebuilt and refinished a large dining room table and several smaller items of furniture. You have even assisted us with our own projects, providing expert advice we have learned to value highly.

All the furniture pieces have been in our two families for three or four generations and we were somewhat concerned at first that the work would be done correctly. You quickly put our minds at ease. You have brought new life to these family treasures, assuring they will continue to be cherished by future generations.

It is very difficult today to find "old world" craftsmen that still take pride in their work and have the knowledge and skill to do things right. You fellows fit that description very well. We have been extremely pleased with every project you have done for us. In our opinion, your work is the finest we have ever seen and would not hesitate to recommend William R. Paschal & Sons Woodworking to anyone.


John & Linda Tyler